In today's competitive business world, SAP customers utilize new SAP products to improve their business by staying one step ahead of their competitors.  With the increased benefits of moving to newer releases of SAP, upgrade schedules have also become more aggressive.  This is were a boutique SAP consulting firm like Paragon Consulting Services, LLC can be of invaluable assistance. 

Our customers can draw on an over 14 years SAP track record with our platinum and lead-level consultants to improve their ROI and ensure successful projects.

Implementation Services
Paragon Consulting Services, LLC is experienced with implementing SAP core modules as well as the newer technology modules - providing a seamless integration of new functionality into your business environment.

Budget contraints emphasize the importance of on-budget and on-time completion of projects.  Paragon Consulting Services, LLC focusses on those financial goals of our customers and strieves to lower your total project costs.

Time-efficient Upgrade Projects

Paragon Consulting Services, LLC understands the value of migrating to a new SAP release, the functional enhancements and technical requirements for each new release.  Our long history of successful SAP projects, provides our clients with the security of low-risk, systematic upgrades.

ABAP Outsourcing

Our outstanding SAP ABAP team comprised of lead and senior programmers/developers provide a cost-effective ABAP outsourcing alternatice, keeping your budet constraints in mind.